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Jurassic World - Dinosaurs

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Jurassic World - Dinosaurs Description

Jurassic World - Dinosaurs - Jurassic World - Dinosaurs - Children, do you like dinosaurs? ...DimetrodonBrachiosaurusStegosaurus AnkylosaurusTriceratopsPterosaur... This is your game! Dig for dinosaur bones, discover new species,

Children, do you like dinosaurs?


This is your game! Dig for dinosaur bones, discover new species, take care of the baby dinosaurs and learn interesting facts about dinosaurs!

Fun features:

- Your favorite panda and 6 dinos to discover!
- Colorful scenarios and cute animations
- Feed the dinos and play with them!

Let us show you the magic of Jurassic World!

Join, kiki, the little panda and play with BabyBus!

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Design concepts:

We focus on inspirational learning;
We focus on skill-building;
We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience;
Take the baby bus for an unique learning experience!

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